Everybody knows how important Live events are a great way to learn more about your business and gather around

like-minded individuals who are willing to share their stories of success and inspire people to do well.

f you think about it we have a culture of events. If you go to a party or even on social media,

the buzz is often about the launch date for a new Apple product, a big name concert, a sporting match or a party.

Whatever the event is, it has a date and a place where a gathering takes place.

I’ve been hooked on live events and seminars since I attended my very first event in my late 20’s. I loved the connection and relationships formed with like-minded people, the new perspectives I gained, the priceless education and the breakthroughs achieved.

I loved the connection and relationships formed with like-minded people, the new perspectives I gained, the priceless education and the breakthroughs achieved.

I gained, the priceless education and the breakthroughs achieved.

I also found that networking events were of great value for all the same reasons, they are live and you get to mingle

with people who have the same interests as you.

Live events suit a lot of people and they cater to so many learning styles; visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

No matter what industry you’re in, a live event can supercharge your sales.

You can achieve a years income with a 1, 2, or 3 day event, and with a small gathering of 20-50 of your target audience.

I have seen many speakers over the years make 6 and 7 figures from a single 2-day event.

Here’s WHY Live Events Can Help Your Business Grow To Stratospheric Levels:

  • You gain instant authority as an expert with a captive audience.
  • Design a focused message to make maximum impact and help your audience to solve their problems.
  • Build trust with your audience, which is gained much faster with face-to-face interaction.
  • Reach one-to-many rather than one-on-one so you can have a greater impact and can leverage your time and resources.
  • Compelling, irresistible offers, add tons of value and your audience gains value and results in advance.
  • You can offer your high-end masterminds, mentoring programs and certification programs.
  • It provides massive social proof.
  • It builds your brand presence.
  • People refer friends and family to your next event.
  • There is urgency that inspires action due to limited time at the event

Here’s How Your Clients Can Benefit From Attending Your Event:

  • They feel supported and realise as business owners they are not alone.
  • There are wonderful opportunities to meet like-minded people, build relationships and form joint venture partnership.
  • The educational content is priceless.
  • They learn to think differently and gain new perspectives.
  • One idea can help them grow their business and can lead to a breakthrough in their personal and business life.
  • They meet and learn from other successful people.
  • It’s educational and entertaining.

Promoting your Event is very important and there are so many opportunities with the popularity of Social Media.

Include Social Media in Your Event Plans

Being active on social networks before, during, and after your event is crucial for success. Since events are in real-time, attendees often use social networks to engage with other participants in a live environment. Here are a few channels you should think about engaging attendees through:

  • Twitter: Twitter is a powerful tool for not only marketing and promoting your events, but also engaging and connecting with the attendees in real-time. You will want to set up a hashtag, schedule a series of tweets, build twitter lists, and remember to live tweet.
  • Facebook: Because Facebook is so visual, it is a great place to promote your events using eye-catching graphics. Begin posting 2-3 weeks before events and use a mix of custom graphics, memes, and images taken at the event to encourage attendees to register.
  • Google+: The Google+ events feature allows users to send out customized invitations and syncs with Google calendar when a user confirms. You can also leverage Google Hangouts to get influencers, prospects, customers, and other attendees in the same place discussing event highlights.
  • LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to promote your registration page and use LinkedIn groups to get some additional traction.

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